Crystal Maidens Boss Crafter

I removed all old version from my site, since they aren't of help anymore anyway.

* The .zip archive contains the spreadsheet, a textfile and an executable.

* The executable will retrieve all essential data from the gameserver and store it in the same folder the file is located.

* Please have the spreadsheet, the executable (and all files created from the .exe) in the same folder.

* It is a good idea to create a scheduled task for that .exe to get daily (or hourly) fresh data. It's not needed however, you can also manually start the .exe whenever you want new data.

* There are also some files that are not needed for the spreadsheet, but they might be of interest to you. Feel free to open them and snoop around.

* Enable macros for the spreadsheet, or the sheet will lose its functionality.

* Excel 2017 or newer is required.

Crystal Maidens 4.01

* Spreadsheet: Integrated the new "Shard Shop" items in the maiden shards table.
* Executable: various changes to accomodate the changes in the spreadsheet.

Crystal Maidens 4.00

* Spreadsheet: The Spreadsheet loads the data from the files created by the "Crystal Maidens.exe" on startup. Manual refresh is not needed any more.
* Spreadhseet: I converted a lot of lists into tables. They are very convenient if you want to filter or sort. Give it a try.
* Spreadsheet: Set Items are displayed in a new way. Give me your thoughts.
* Executable: various changes to accomodate the changes in the spreadsheet.

I tried that Excel directly downloads and processes the data from the gameserver. Didn't work out so hot. Excel is way to slow and inefficient to handle so much data. That's why you still need both the executable and the Excel Sheet.