Crystal Maidens Excel Sheet

* archive contains the spreadsheet, a textfile and an executable.

*The executable will retrieve all essential data from the gameserver and store it in the same folder the file is located.

*Please have the spreadsheet, the executable(and all files created from the .exe) in the same folder.

*It is a good idea to create a scheduled task for that.exe to get daily(or hourly) fresh data.It's not needed however, you can also manually start the .exe whenever you want new data.

*There are also some files that are not needed for the spreadsheet, but they might be of interest to you.Feel free to open them and snoop around.

*Enable macros for the spreadsheet, or the sheet will lose its functionality.

*Excel 2017 or newer is required.

Crystal Maidens 4.01
*Spreadsheet: Integrated the new "Shard Shop" items in the maiden shards table.
*Executable: various changes to accomodate the changes in the spreadsheet.

Crystal Maidens 4.00
*Spreadsheet: The Spreadsheet loads the data from the files created by the "Crystal Maidens.exe" on startup.Manual refresh is not needed any more.
*Spreadhseet: I converted a lot of lists into tables.They are very convenient if you want to filter or sort.Give it a try.
*Spreadsheet: Set Items are displayed in a new way.Give me your thoughts.
*Executable: various changes to accomodate the changes in the spreadsheet.